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Justice Minister Jay Abbass, today announced the appointment of
31 lawyers as Queen's Counsel.

The appointees are:

Duncan Beveridge, Halifax; Marsh Burgess, Halifax; Marc Chisholm,
Halifax; Roberta Clarke, Halifax; James Connors, Dartmouth;
Terrence Cooper, Halifax; Ken Crawford, Halifax; Elizabeth
Cusack-Walsh, Sydney; David Dingwall, Glace Bay; Patrick Duncan,
Halifax; Daniel Gallivan, Halifax; Rick Goodman, New Glasgow;
Garth Gordon, Kentville; Hector MacIntyre, Sydney; Malcolm
MacLeod, Truro; John MacPherson, Halifax; Stephen Mattson,
Kentville; Roderick MacArthur, Annapolis Royal; Christine
McCulloch, Halifax; Mark McCrea, Truro; Anthony Morley, Amherst;
Andrew Nickerson, Yarmouth; Linda Lee Oland, Halifax; Alan
Parish, Halifax; Terry Roane, Halifax; Douglas Ruck, Halifax;
Brian Smith, Dartmouth; John Stringer, Halifax; Walter Thompson,
Halifax; Gerard Tompkins, Halifax; Alan Tufts, Kentville.

"These individuals have demonstrated their leadership abilities
and commitment to service excellence to their profession and to
their communities," said Mr. Abbass. "Today we honour their

Eligibility criteria for Queen's Counsel appointments includes:
professional integrity; good character and outstanding
contributions to the practice of law through recognition by other
members of the profession as an exceptional barrister or
solicitor; an exceptional contribution through legal scholarship;
teaching or continuing legal education; demonstration of
exceptional qualities of leadership in the profession; or
engaging in activities of a public or charitable nature in such
as way as to raise the esteem in which the legal profession is
held by the public.

A six-member Queen's Counsel Advisory Committee makes
recommendations to cabinet. The committee was chaired by the late
associate Chief Justice Ian Palmeter.


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