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A mix of 15 business, education and training, and community
leaders from Acadian and Francophone regions across the province
will form the first independent board of governors for College de
l'Acadie, Education and Culture Minister Robbie Harrison
announced today. The full board will be officially in place on
April 1.

The board is being led by Louis Deveau, president, Acadian
Seaplants in Dartmouth, an international export firm with
products reaching markets in more than 35 countries. Most
recently as a member of Team Canada, Mr. Deveau reached a $1.4
million agreement between Acadian Seaplants and Intercrop Ltd. of
Bangkok, Thailand.

"College de l'Acadie has already opened doors beyond Nova Scotia,
from the Prince Edward Island learning centre to the developing
relationship with Louisiana," Mr. Harrison said. "Mr. Deveau and
his board members are the kind of people who can build on this
foundation. They know where the economic opportunities are at
home and abroad -- they know where the jobs are -- and they know
what training Acadians need to take advantage of them."

In 1996, the provincial government proclaimed legislation to
enable College de l'Acadie and the Nova Scotia Community College
to become "self-governed". Although government is still involved
with approving matters of public interest such as changes in
programs and tuition, both colleges, can respond more quickly to
the needs of business, and can benefit directly from business and
community expertise through independent boards of governors.

Along with board chair, Mr. Deveau, College board members are:

- Louise Marchand, principal, Petit-de-Grat School, with a
  history of involvement in Acadian education and former member
  of the Minister's Advisory Committee for College de l'Acadie;

- Jocelyne LeBlanc, an educator from Petit Ruisseau who has
  taught at Arcadia Consolidated and Ecole Secondaire de Clare,
  and served as a former member of the Minister's Advisory
  Committee for College de l'Acadie;

- Elaine Walker of Louisdale, an active community member with a
  secretarial and teaching background, and a former member of the
  Minister's Advisory Committee for College de l'Acadie;

- Lawrence Boudreau of Dartmouth, vice-president, sales and
  marketing, Bens Limited;

- George Cottreau, general manager, metro division, Nova Scotia
  Power, and an active member of the Acadian community;

- Evelyn Muise of Tusket, retired teacher involved in community
  and church committees;

- Gerald Boudreau, secretaire general, Universite Ste.-Anne,
  former member of Minister's Advisory Committee for College de

- Hayden Landry of Tusket, retired teacher, vice-principal and

- Guy Surette, owner of Tusket Ultra Mart, volunteer firefighter
  and active member of St. Joseph's Parish;

- Nehma Hanna, former educator from Meteghan River and current
  retail owner of a building supplies store;

- Betty Ann Aucoin of Grand Etang, director of a Cheticamp
  nursing home and active community member;

- James Marchand, owner, Canso Realities, active in land
  development in the Strait area and in community work;

- William Durant, Pomquet Point, local construction company
  office manager, municipal councillor, and former member of the
  Minister's Advisory Committee for College de l'Acadie;

- Gabriel Arsenault, superintendent of education for commission
  scolaire de langue francaise in P.E.I. (College de l'Acadie
  operates a learning centre in Wellington, P.E.I.).

Appointments are for staggered terms (one, two or three years),
so the board can continue to benefit from fresh ideas and
opportunities, balanced with people experienced in college


NOTE TO EDITORS: Words with an accent aigu: first "e" in Ecole
(Ecole Secondaire), first "e" in Gerald (Gerald Boudreau), second
"e" in Secretaire and both "e"s in General (secretaire general),
last "e" in Universite (Universite Ste.-Anne), first "e" in Etang
(Grand Etang), first "e" in Cheticamp, first "e" in Josee
(Marie-Josee Bernier); Words with an accent grave: first "e" in
College (all references to College de l'Acadie); Words with a
cedille: the "c" in Francaise.

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