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Economic Renewal Agency Minister Richie Mann today announced a
name change for his department. Effective immediately, the agency
will be known as Economic Development and Tourism.

"The new name better reflects what we do. It's simple and clear,
and everybody knows what it means," said Mr. Mann. "Equivalent
departments in other provinces and states tend to be called
Economic Development and Tourism, so we will now be more readily

"We also think it's appropriate to recognize the importance of
the tourism industry in the department's name. Tourism is a $900
million dollar industry in Nova Scotia, and we're looking for
substantial growth in the coming years."

Peggy Anderson, president of the Tourism Industry Association of
Nova Scotia said, "This is great news. I'm very pleased because
it heightens the tourism industry's profile both inside and
outside the province. This is also a positive step as we work to
forge a new partnership between the industry and government." 

The name change will not result in additional costs to taxpayers,
with staff being advised to use old materials until supplies are


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jlw                     April 1, 1997         6:10 p.m.