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Over 200 entrepreneurship educators from across the Atlantic
Provinces will focus on entrepreneurship in the education system
at the Atlantic Entrepreneurship Educator's Symposium, May 8-10,
1997, Hotel Beausejour, Moncton, New Brunswick.

The symposium, the largest in five years, is hosted by the Centre
for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED) and
demonstrates the importance of, and emphasis on entrepreneurship
in the education system. The themes will deal with the issues of
incorporating entrepreneurship within all levels of the education
system from elementary to post-secondary, including university
programs. The focus will be on professional development for
teachers, instructors, professors, administrators, curriculum
developers and agents involved in delivering support programs for
student entrepreneurs.

Educators will discuss new entrepreneurship education practices
and develop an action plan for improving and advancing these
practices across the region. Strategies for fostering stronger
links among educational institutions, small business, and the
economic community will also be addressed.

"The Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development feels
entrepreneurship education at all grade levels is vital to the
economic future of our region. It is important to teach students
at an early age that entrepreneurship is a viable career option,"
said Chris Curtis, chief entrepreneurship officer, CEED. "This
conference is an opportunity for educators to bring to the
classroom innovative ways to further entrepreneurship education."

Keynote speakers for the conference include Judi Cotton,
director, Enterprise and Industry Education Unit at the Small
Business Centre of Durham University, Durham, United Kingdom and
Scott DeGarmo, editor-in-chief and publisher of Success magazine.
Also featured is Dr. Cindy Iannarelli, founder of Camp Business
Cents, a business training program for children and an expert on
gender/generation issues in business, and Steve Mariotti, founder
and president of the U.S. National Foundation for
Entrepreneurship Education.

The Atlantic Entrepreneurship Educator's Symposium is hosted by
CEED in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Education
and Culture, Prince Edward Island Department of Education,
Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Education, New Brunswick
Department of Education and Department of Advanced Education and
Labour, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, (ACOA), The Centre
for Entrepreneurial Leadership (UNB), Atlantic Provinces
Education Foundation, Canadian Council for Small Business and
Entrepreneurship, Connect Branche.


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