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Premier John Savage has announced a new initiative aimed at
helping Nova Scotians with spinal-cord and head injuries.

At a reception last night to honor Rick Hansen's visit to the
province marking the 10th anniversary of his Man in Motion tour,
Premier Savage said the government will provide $100,000 to
support injury-prevention and rehabilitative programs and
neurotrauma research in Halifax.

"Each year approximately 1,152 Nova Scotians sustain serious
neurotrauma injuries to their spinal cord or brain," said Premier
Savage. "We are working to respond to their needs."

The funding is in response to Hansen's tour, a goal of which is
to encourage provincial neurotrauma initiatives. A Neurotrauma
Initiative Committee for Nova Scotia has been set up; it will
collaborate with Hansen's Man in Motion Foundation. The committee
comprises representatives from several organizations, including
the Nova Scotia Department of Health, the provincial division of
the Canadian Paraplegic Association, the Brain Injury Association
of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Disabled Persons Commission.


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