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Education and Culture Minister Robbie Harrison is encouraging
Nova Scotian Acadians to make submissions for the Grand Pre
Prize, a $1,500 award that recognizes excellence in artistic
productions about Acadian ideals and culture.

"Theatre, music and all forms of artistic impression can convey
so much about the richness of Acadian history and culture," said
Mr. Harrison.  "The Grand Pre Prize celebrates the strengths that
are the heart of Acadian identity, helping to ensure their
language, traditions and culture not only survive, but flourish."

The Grand Pre Prize, established in 1987,  is awarded every two
years in one of three categories:  literature,
theatre-dance-cinema-music, and visual arts-crafts.  This year,
the prize will be presented in the theatre-dance-cinema-music

To qualify, works must have been produced since 1991 and a video
or audio cassette submitted to the cultural affairs division of
the Department of Education and Culture no later than May 15,
1997. Works will be judged by an independent jury based on
originality, presentation and the impact it has on the Acadian

Past winners of the Grand Pre Prize are: Le Centre provincial de
resources pedagogiques (1987), Eric Surrette of Surrette's Island
(1989), Francois Gaudet and Denise Robichaud, both of Clare
(1993), and Pere Anselme Chiasson of Cheticamp (1995).

The 1997 Grand Pre Prize will be presented July 6 during Acadian
Days celebrations in Grand Pre.

Contact:  Alain Comeau    902-424-3422

NOTE TO EDITORS: There is an accent aigue over the e in Pre and
Cheticamp, and over the first e in the word pedagogiques. There
is an accent grave over the first e in Pere.

sab                 April 10, 1997 - 3:43 p.m.