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The analytical laboratories of the Nova Scotia Department of
Agriculture and Marketing have once again been recognized for
their commitment to excellence in quality assurance and quality

In a recent test of 180 feed-testing laboratories worldwide, the
Nova Scotia facility was ranked 18th, placing it in the top 10
per cent. This is the second time in the past four years that the
labs have been ranked at this high level.

"This performance is a reflection of the excellent training,
skill and dedication of our analytical staff," said Guy Brown,
minister of agriculture and marketing. "Our clients in the
agri-food industry are very well served by the labs and can be
confident that the analysis they receive is extremely reliable."

The analytical section of the quality evaluation branch, as a
member of the American Association of Feed Control Officials,
participates in a monthly testing program to monitor the quality
and accuracy of its testing procedures.

Under this quality assurance program, member labs are provided
with a different feed sample each month. The lab completes its
analysis and reports its results back to the association. A
confidential report is then prepared for each lab which helps to
identify areas for improvement and ranks its performance against
other labs.

The Nova Scotia facility consistently ranks in the top 25 to 50
per cent, which is generally considered a good performance. The
labs' average ranking for 1996 was in the top 33 per cent.


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