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A pledge to make government more accountable to Nova Scotians was
extended today with the tabling of a report containing the
business plans of all Crown corporations.

In tabling the document, Finance Minister Bill Gillis said that
with this addition to government's accountability framework, Nova
Scotia is set apart as a leader among governments in this

"We are leading, Mr. Speaker, because the times demand it," the
minister said.

The 23 business plans outline the mission statements, strategic
goals and core functions of organizations which, although outside
the direct control of government, are nevertheless responsible to
the people.

As well, these plans indicate the performance levels, outcome
measures and budgets of these various corporations.

"This is part of an overall accountability framework for
government," Dr. Gillis said. "The public deserves to know how
their money is being spent."

The requirement for Crown corporations to produce a business plan
for submission was introduced in amendments to the Provincial
Finance Act passed last year.


Contact: Bruce Cameron
         Department of Finance

trp                      Apr. 23, 1997 - 6:00 p.m.