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Nova Scotians will soon be training for work in the Sable
offshore energy project. The federal and provincial governments
have committed $4.4 million to training under the Canada/Nova
Scotia Development Fund.

The Technical Skills Training and Career Awards project was
announced today by Halifax MP Mary Clancy on behalf of the
federal minister of natural resources, Anne McLellan, and the
federal minister of health, David Dingwall, together with
provincial ministers Richie Mann of Economic Development and
Tourism and Eleanor Norrie of Natural Resources.

Under Phase 1 of the project, $3.3 million has been approved for
private-sector partners and institutions to deliver training and
certification programs aimed at preparing Nova Scotians for work
in specialized industries relating to the offshore project.

"We want to make sure that this money is spent wisely on
appropriate programs, and that those programs will lead to jobs
for Nova Scotians," said Mr. Mann.

Under Phase 2, $1.1 million has been approved for career
development awards and on-the-job training for students pursuing
related studies in Nova Scotia universities and community
colleges. About 300 graduates will receive awards and placements
that will enable them to acquire work experience over the next
three years.

"These programs will give Nova Scotians a real advantage when the
offshore energy project starts," said Mr. Mann. "We want to make
sure that Nova Scotians are first in line when companies come
looking for workers, and we're doing it by making sure they'll be
well qualified."

In making the announcement, Ms. Clancy noted: "The training
programs and awards will not only ensure that Nova Scotians
benefit from the technology transfer but are also to compete for
the high-skilled jobs that the project will provide. It will also
give them the chance to gain valuable work experience and build a
career in developing and managing offshore oil and gas

Ms. Norrie said the project represents an exciting prospect for
the province. "We'll be developing an important natural resource
and we are going to need a highly trained workforce."

To secure the success of the program, Ms. McLellan and Mr. Mann
have appointed a six-member federal-provincial steering board
that will approve the awards under Phase 2. The steering board,
comprising representatives from the offshore oil and gas
industry, manufacturers and suppliers, will also provide advice
and guidance as training programs are implemented.

The Canada-Nova Scotia Development Fund was established in March
1982 to pay for infrastructure costs relating to the expansion or
development, production or transportation of oil and gas in the
Nova Scotia offshore area.


Contact: Pierre Gratton
         Natural Resources Canada

         Steve Fairbairn
         Nova Scotia Economic Development and Tourism

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