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It's a year of celebration for Nova Scotia's Acadians, and the
special project L'Acadie en Fete will highlight their unique
culture and music for all to enjoy.

With the help of public and private partners, this project
consists of six major initiatives, which will promote as well as
establish Acadian events, create employment and foster economic
growth in Acadian communities.

Designed to dovetail with the 150th anniversary of the
publication of the Longfellow poem Evangeline, L'Acadie en Fete
also coincides with the regional marketing theme Nova Scotia
-- Celebrate Our Music. It is co-ordinated by the Federation
acadienne de la Nouvelle-Ecosse, supported by a partnership
between federal and provincial governments, the private sector
and the Acadian community.

It includes a concert featuring Acadian performers with Symphony
Nova Scotia, a presentation in Clare of the musical Evangeline,
an Acadian visual arts tour throughout Nova Scotia, a tour of the
Acadian Musical Revue, enhanced promotion of Journees acadiennes
de Grand Pre, and the Acadien/Ca'dien Festival in Halifax.

"The Acadian Community has a great deal to celebrate, and
Canadians everywhere want to celebrate with them," said Sheila
Copps, deputy prime minister and minister of Canadian heritage.

Allister Surette, Nova Scotia minister of Acadian affairs
minister, said L'Acadie en Fete is an important step forward in
plans to strengthen Nova Scotia's Acadian community.

"This project will accelerate the implementation of the cultural
economic development plan presented by the Federation Acadienne
de la Nouvelle-Ecosse last fall."

Richie Mann, minister of economic development and tourism, said
high-quality Acadian cultural programming leads to opportunities
for economic growth.

"We've had several very successful Acadian trade missions to
Louisiana that have helped Nova Scotia Acadian businesses to
export," he noted. "L'Acadie en Fete will help to anchor Acadian
cultural and tourism attractions in the province, promoting
additional economic growth. It's a great asset."

"Our department is pleased to invest in L'Acadie en Fete," said
the education and culture minister, Robbie Harrison. "The Acadian
community has shown time and time again its ability to produce
high-quality cultural events. L'Acadie en Fete provides a unique
opportunity for Acadian artists to take centre-stage and
contribute significantly to the cultural, economic and social
development of the province."

"L'Acadie en Fete represents a great opportunity for the Acadian
community to not only highlight its cultural assets and artistic
talents, but also to forge new partnerships and strengthen
existing ones," said Vaughne Madden of the Federation acadienne
de la Nouvelle-Ecosse.

"Partnerships such as those created with the government of Nova
Scotia, the federal government, and our private and media
sponsors, such as Royal Bank, MT&T, Comeau Seafoods, ATV/ASN, the
Chronicle-Herald, le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Ecosse and la
Societe Radio Canada. The Acadian community is also proud to
continue its relationship with Symphony Nova Scotia."

L'Acadie en Fete is jointly funded by Canadian Heritage and the
Nova Scotia Economic Development and Tourism under the
Canada-Nova Scotia General Agreement on the Promotion of Official
Languages, and the Nova Scotia Department of Education and


Contact: Steve Fairbairn
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         Donna MacDonald
         Education and Culture

         Gerry Boudreau
         Human Resources/Acadian Affairs

         Paul Soucy
         Canadian Heritage

         Vaughne Madden
         Federation acadienne de la Nouvelle-Ecosse

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