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Health Minister Bernie Boudreau tabled today at Province House a
series of documents to involve communities in health planning.

"The Community Health Planning Guidebook Series is designed to
provide practical and meaningful assistance to community health
boards," said Mr. Boudreau.

Community health boards are the local planning mechanism for
health at the community level. One of its first responsibilities
is to develop a community health plan.

Through examining the primary care services that are available in
the community, and with meaningful community input, this plan
will provide advice and direction to the regional health board on
how to organize and deliver services.

The community health plan must also outline the broader health
issues that have been identified by the community and work toward
developing strategies to address these issues at the local level.

"The responsibility for health goes beyond the Department of
Health; it goes beyond any single agency or organization," said
Mr. Boudreau. "Planning for health in the community is an
activity that crosses professions, institutions, sectors and
government departments."

To date, 20 community health boards have been established across
the province with the co-operation of the four regional health
boards and support of the Department of Health. The Community
Health Planning Guidebook Series was developed in partnership
with the regional health boards and existing community health

"These documents are another example of my department's
commitment to supporting community participation and involvement
in health planning," said Mr. Boudreau.


Contact: Lori MacLean
         Department of Health

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