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Guy Brown, the minister for agriculture and marketing, has
announced new funding for research and development initiatives to
benefit Nova Scotia's grain and forage industry.

The Department of Agriculture and Marketing is providing $200,000
in "seed money" to the grain and forage sector to establish an
industry-directed development fund for human resource
development, research, technology and marketing initiatives.

"Grain and forage production is a cornerstone of our agri-food
industry and it is important to promote initiatives that create
new opportunities for this sector," said Mr. Brown. "We are
pleased to provide this initial funding which will help the grain
and forage sector to attract federal and private investment for
their initiatives."

The funding is provided under the terms of a memorandum of
understanding between industry and government. The joint
initiative, known as Grain and Forage Nova Scotia, provides grain
and forage handling and marketing services to farmers.
Signatories to the memorandum include the Nova Scotia Department
of Agriculture and Marketing, the Nova Scotia Grain and Forage
Commission, the Nova Scotia Grain Marketing Board, and the Nova
Scotia Forage Council.

Peter Clarke, a director of Grain and Forage Nova Scotia, is
pleased with how the partnership arrangement is working.

"Our objective is to promote ideas that will help our industry to
remain competitive," said Mr. Clarke. "With this partnership,
producers are able to be directly involved in setting priorities
and planning for the future of grain and forage production in
Nova Scotia."

Grain and Forage Nova Scotia has a committee in place to review
the needs of the industry and establish its research and
development priorities.


Contact: Susan Horne
         Agriculture and Marketing

         Findlay MacRae
         Grain and Forage Nova Scotia

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