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As part of Mental Health Week celebrations from May 4 to 10, the
Nova Scotia Hospital will launch the book Mount Hope -- Then and
Now, a history of the province's primary psychiatric care

"Introducing the hospital history during Mental Health Week is
particularly appropriate since Making Mental Health Matter is
this year's theme," said executive director Anne McGuire. "Mount
Hope -- Then and Now chronicles 138 years of providing quality
mental health services to Nova Scotians."

At time when changes take place almost daily within the
province's health care system, Mount Hope -- Then and Now
provides an insightful look at the hospital's development. From
Hugh Bell's campaign in the 1840s that led to the establishment
of the hospital, to today's evolving community-based care
movement, the book is a perspective of the hospital in the
context of its speciality -- mental health.

Historians, health care professionals and those interested in
mental health care will find Mount Hope -- Then and Now worth
picking up. The book is available during Mental Health Week for
$12. After that, the price will be $15. All proceeds from its
sale will benefit the Nova Scotia Hospital Foundation.


Contact: Christine Smith
         The Nova Scotia Hospital

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