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Prices are up and attendance good at annual spring beef sales
being held across the province, said Agriculture and Marketing
Minister Guy Brown.

"It is encouraging to see this kind of support shown for our beef
industry," said Mr. Brown, thanking organizers for their hard
work in making the shows a success.

The beef industry has seen record low prices for more than a
year. Prices have only recently begun to recover.

The spring sales began April 19 with the 24th Nappan Bull Sale
during which 77 bulls representing 10 beef breeds were auctioned
for more than $125,000. The average selling price was $1,627; the
highest price was $2,800. Last year, the average was $1,602 and
the top price was $2,500. The bulls represent the best quality
animals from the Nappan Bull Testing Program for the year. The
sale is held each year to encourage producers to buy quality
bulls to improve the genetics of their herds.

The 16th annual Spring Beef Show and Sale was held in Truro on
April 26. More than 400 people attended this event to see 24
steers weighed and judged by experts and auctioned later in the
day. The price averaged $2.01 a pound, up from last year's
average of $1.62.

The 11th annual Border Classic Show and Sale, held in Nappan on
May 3, was also a successful event. The sale is organized by
producers in Cumberland Co., N.S., and Westmorland Co., N.B.
Prices ranged from $1.30 to $1.95 a pound with an average price
of $1.47.


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