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John P. Weir, a leading expert on insurance law and regulation,
will act as specialist consultant to the Insurance Legislation
Harmonization Project, the Atlantic insurance industry/government
committee, mandated by the Conference of Atlantic Premiers, has

The premiers of the Atlantic provinces have agreed to standardize
legislation, policies and procedures governing the insurance
industry in the region. Mr. Weir will consult with consumer,
industry and government stakeholders and draft a proposal for the

The harmonization of insurance acts is aimed at ensuring future
availability and affordability of insurance products and services
in the Atlantic region and promote an enhanced business
environment for insurance companies, agents, brokers, adjusters
and appraisers.

The project is an example of the Atlantic premiers' vision to
foster increased economic co-operation and self-reliance while
improving the well-being and prosperity of Atlantic Canadians.

Mr. Weir is a law professor at the University of Windsor, Ont.,
author of several leading insurance legal publications, and
counsel to a major international law firm. He is former associate
dean of law at the University of Windsor, and former
superintendent of insurance and assistant deputy minister,
financial institutions, for Ontario.

Mr. Weir will tour the Atlantic region between May 25 and June 13
to meet with representatives from insurance industry associations
and consumer groups. A follow-up tour is planned for late July.


Contact: Glenn Davis
         Conference of Atlantic Premiers

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