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The Nova Scotia Agricultural College announced today a new
partnership in carrot research that brings together industry and
government to provide matching funds for research and development
programs at the Truro college.

The partnership is based on a commitment of $25,000 from Oxford
Frozen Foods Ltd. and $25,000 from the Nova Scotia Department of
Agriculture and Marketing to create a research chair for carrots
at the agricultural college. The school will use the funds to
hire a research professor in processing carrots for the next
three years. The professor will work with the carrot research
advisory committee on such priorities as soil conservation,
variety evaluation, insect and disease management and harvest and
post-harvest technology.

Said Guy Brown, minister of agriculture and marketing: "By
joining the resources of the college, agri-business and
government, we are able to begin an important partnership that
will benefit the carrot industry directly and help us to grow the
economy of Nova Scotia."

Nova Scotia is the largest producer of processed carrots in the
country. Carrots are the second-largest vegetable crop in the
province, behind potatoes, with close to 2000 acres (800
hectares) grown. Market value of the carrot crop is nearly $10
million; two-thirds of the crop is for the processing market.

Just over a year ago, a similar partnership was developed for the
blueberry industry which has since grown into a research
initiative centring on a blueberry research chair. The success of
the blueberry partnership created the impetus for the carrot
announcement today.

"By announcing the chair for carrots today, we are making a
commitment as partners to identify the needs and priorities of
the sector and target the necessary research funds efficiently,"
said Mr. Brown. "In a meaningful way we will be able to help the
industry to overcome obstacles to growth and help create new
opportunities for Nova Scotians."

The college hopes to have a research professor in place by the
end of June.


Contact: Stephanie Brown
         Agriculture and Marketing

trp                      May 20, 1997 - 11:20 a.m.