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Things are gearing up for the fall municipal elections starting
with the enumeration of municipal voters in late May and early

Oct.18 is municipal election day in all 55 municipal units except
Halifax Regional Municipality and Region of Queens Municipality.
(Elections for those two units will be in the year 2000.)

Some of municipal units plan to use the federal voters' list as
the basis of municipal voters' list. Those that do plan to
enumerate will begin doing so by May 31 and finish by June 10.

Regular school board elections are held in conjunction with the
municipal elections; they are scheduled for all municipalities.

For the first time, there will be an election for the Conseil
scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP). The board has the mandate to
provide French-first-language instruction to the children
"entitled parents" across the province "entitled parents" and
"entitled persons", as defined in clauses 3(h) and (i) of the
Education Act, are entitled to vote for the CSAP no matter where
they live in the province.

Enumerators will ask at each household if "entitled persons" for
purposes of the CSAP election reside there and the information
will be noted for the voters' list. "Entitled persons" will also
be able to have this information added to the voters' list during
the revision period, scheduled for the first two weeks in August.
Revision will be held for the municipal lists based on the
federal list as well as those based on enumeration.

Being identified as an "entitled person" on the voters' list does
not mean the voter must vote for a CSAP member. An "entitled
person" can choose to vote for CSAP or the regional school board
at the polling station. If an "entitled person" has not been
identified through enumeration or revision, he or she can still
vote for CSAP after taking an oath of qualification at the
polling station.


Contact: Janet Willwerth
         Municipal elections officer

         Donna MacDonald
         Department of Education

trp                        May 26, 1997 - 1:10 p.m.