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Halifax Shipyard Ltd. has been recognized by the Nova Scotia
Department of Labour for improvements in health and safety. The
department's special commendation for improvement in accident
prevention was presented today by Labour Minister Manning

"The shipyard is proof that working together can improve health
and safety for employees and employers alike," said the minister.
"This kind of co-operation translates to good things for
families, business and the economy of our province."

Halifax Shipyard has reduced accident frequency by 75 per cent
since 1993. The number of days lost due to workplace accidents
has dropped to one-third of pre 1994 levels.

Halifax Shipyard was targeted as part of an education and
accident-reduction program instituted by the department and the
Workers' Compensation Board. Staff from the department and the
board worked together to help employers and employees focus on
health and safety issues.

"There was a genuine interest in working together from all angles
-- management, workers and government," said Gary MacLeod,
occupational health and safety officer who worked on the project.
"The team approach is the best approach."

The program involved buy-in from senior management, union
representatives and members of the health and safety committee.
Topics for discussion included changes in the Occupational Health
and Safety and Workers' Compensation acts, practical accident
prevention tips, and options for helping injured workers make a
safe return to work. Employees also took part in educational
workshops and other activities.

"Management and workers recognize that safety is a No. 1 priority
at Halifax Shipyard," said Ross Langley of the shipyard. "We are
pleased that this award recognizes the collective effort of all
employees to improve health and safety.

"There are big benefits to making our workplaces safer and
healthier and improving the effectiveness of our OHS committee.
For example, a simple measure like providing safety glasses for
every employee has reduced eye injuries by about 65 per cent."

Working together is the key to reducing accidents across the
province, noted the minister. "While accidents are still far too
common in Nova Scotia, highlighting good work practices can
provide an example for others to follow."


Contact: Jennifer MacIsaac
         Department of Labour
         902-424-4680 or 902-424-3219

         Gary MacLeod
         Occupational health and safety officer

         Ross Langley
         Halifax Shipyard
         902-423-9271 (ext:2226)

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