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Looking for information about the environment but having trouble
finding it? The Nova Scotia Department of the Environment has
expanded its website to make it a more effective resource for
information seekers. The site has been developed to represent all
of the department's programs and services.

An example of what can now be found on-line is the Solid Waste
Management Strategy, which details the province's goal of 50 per
cent diversion of solid waste by the year 2000. The site also
lists the disposal bans and their dates of implementation.

Other departmental publications are available on the site, such
as: the Environment Act, the Guide to the Act, the Emergency
Measures Act, the 911 Act, and a set of Waste Reduction Tip

The goal of the website is to improve public access to
information about departmental programs and services. To this
end, other highlights of the site include: emergency information,
recycling depot locations, and Nova Scotia Youth Conservation
Corps program information and application forms. As well,
proposed legislation, regulations and significant policy
statements are posted for public consultation as they arise.

The website is at


Contact: Lori Small
         Department of the Environment

         Paul McEachern
         Communications director
         Department of the Environment

trp                     June 18, 1997 - 2:30 p.m.