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Nova Scotia has made applying for a job with the provincial
government as easy as clicking a computer mouse.

Human Resources Minister Allister Surette today launched an
online application form on the department's website at the Access
Nova Scotia Centre in Yarmouth.

"No matter where you are in the province, from Yarmouth to
Sydney, you have round-the-clock access to the job listings on
the Internet, and now we have made the job search that much
easier by enabling you to apply online," said Mr. Surette.

"We are proud to be the first province to introduce an online
application form," said the minister. "We know Nova Scotians rely
on the Internet for information, particularly young people just
out of university; the popularity of the job listings site is a
prime example."

The government's weekly Employment Opportunities Bulletin has
become one of the most visited sites on the Nova Scotia
government homepage, with more than a half-million visitors in
the nine months it has been electronically posted.

The bulletin averages about 25 new job openings weekly; in the
last fiscal year, there were more than 800 jobs openings.

The department has also simplified the application form and
encourages applicants to include resumes and covering letters. In
addition, the form now allows racially visible persons, persons
with disabilities, and women applying for non-traditional jobs to
voluntarily identify themselves as affirmative-action applicants.
"This will help us ensure that the civil service reflects the
diversity of Nova Scotia's population," said Mr. Surette.

Nova Scotians will also be able to check out job listings at
other provincial governments and the federal government through
the website. The site can even help you better prepare for job
hunting through links to resume writing and job interview

Access Nova Scotia Centres across the province provide the public
with free Internet access. The centres in Yarmouth, Bridgewater,
Kentville, Truro and Sydney also serve as dropoff points for job
applications. Other sites of free public access to the Internet
include Nova Scotia's public library system.

To view the online application form and the weekly listing of job
opportunities, visit the Department of Human Resources homepage


Contact: Norma MacIsaac
         Human Resources
         Cell: 902-471-8098

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