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Seagull Pewter is firmly rooted in rural Nova Scotia, and its
Pugwash plant is now poised for growth.

"Our plan is to double capacity in Pugwash," said chief executive
officer Jerry Amirault. "We're now working on an extensive
management-training program so that employees will be prepared to
take advantage of the opportunities."

The growth is expected to take place during the next three to
five years. Amirault said it will mean more jobs and a stronger
operation in Pugwash.

The company currently employs 400 people in Cumberland County,
sells its products internationally and invests in philanthropic
activities around the world. These are just some of the reasons
why the province has partnered with Seagull.

That partnership involved a $2-million guarantee from Nova Scotia
Economic Development and Tourism. This makes the province a third
party that would repay the money if Seagull defaulted on its
financial arrangements with its bank. In return for the
province's backing, Seagull has agreed to maintain all jobs
related to the activities of its Nova Scotia company within the
province. The guarantee, first issued in 1992, has been reduced
by half and continues to be reduced.

"Guarantees are just one way the province works with business to
create jobs and increase exports," said Manning MacDonald,
Minister of Economic Development and Tourism. "In Seagull's case,
we're helping a home-grown success story continue to build
locally and expand internationally. The guarantee demonstrates
our faith in Seagull, and in return Seagull continually provides
quality long-term employment for our workers."

The company has used the guarantee to market its products in Asia
and to help gear up for growth at its Pugwash plant.

Seagull has had many expansions since John Caraberis and Bonnie
Bond started in a farmhouse on Rabbittown Road in 1978. The
company now sells its giftware -- ranging from key chains to
champaign glasses -- to thousands of stores in North America,
Europe, the Caribbean, Australia and the Far East.

Getting Nova Scotia products into international markets requires
companies to reach out and expand. For Seagull, improving its
competitive position in the global marketplace required a
presence and has meant establishing sister companies in the
Caribbean, the United Kingdom and Australia.

"Thanks to government support, we've been able to focus our
attention worldwide," said Mr. Amirault. "Ultimately, that has
meant more resources to sustain the entire operation. The growth
at Pugwash wouldn't be happening without the business we're
generating elsewhere."

The company's actions haven't gone unnoticed. Recently, Seagull
Pewter received the High Commissioner's Award from the United
Kingdom. The award is presented annually to a company that has
made an outstanding contribution to increasing trade between
Canada and the United Kingdom.

Seagull does more than just invest in pewter production. It also
supports community-based environmental and humanitarian

The Seagull Foundation has supported numerous projects both at
home and abroad. Provincially, it has been involved in projects
including The Nature Conservancy on the estuary of the Pugwash
River, wilderness preservation areas in Cape Breton and ocean
studies at Brier Island. The company also supports a wilderness
summer camp for Nova Scotia youth at risk and a Clean Nova Scotia
Foundation environmental newsletter for Grade 4 students. Seagull
employees have also planted more than 50,000 trees in Cumberland

Globally, the company has planted more than a million trees in
countries such as Peru and Kenya. Seagull Pewter is also active
with the World Wildlife Fund, the Hunger Project, Foster Parents
Plan, CARE Canada and the Sierra Club.

"When people see the good things this Nova Scotian company does,
it enhances the province's image around the world," said
Amirault. "They learn where Nova Scotia is and recognize Seagull
is committed to more than just its business activities."

"Seagull Pewter is a success story of which we're justifiably
proud," added Mr. MacDonald. "As the company expands its
operations within the province, even more Nova Scotians will be a
part of its  success."


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