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Nova Scotia's provincial parks are open to the public, but
campfires are prohibited and major hiking trails are closed in
all provincial parks until further notice, Natural Resources
Minister Ken MacAskill announced today.

"This new measure is necessary for the safety of campers and our
woodland resources," said Mr. MacAskill. "The forest fire hazard
remains high and extreme in many areas throughout the province
and conditions are not expected to improve in the next few days.

Existing provincewide bans on open fires and travel in Nova
Scotia woodlands remain in effect until further notice.

Campers can use gas and propane cook-stoves and barbecues only.
Charcoal barbecues and campfires are banned.

"The situation is being monitored daily," said Mr. MacAskill. "We
really need a few days of steady rain to improve the fire weather
index. I urge people to respect and understand the need for these
safety precautions."

Since the ban on travel in Nova Scotia woodlands went into effect
July 19, there have been about 60 fires across the province.


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         Natural Resources

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