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The provincial government and Halifax Regional School Board will
invest $30,000 to support adult literacy programs serving 175
learners in Halifax, Education and Culture Minister Robbie
Harrison and board chair Vicki Brown announced today.

Literacy programs at the Halifax North Branch, Captain William
Spry and Thomas Raddall libraries were in danger of being lost as
a result of a municipal budget decision. However, a meeting today
of representatives from the Department of Education and Culture,
Halifax Regional School Board and a community literacy committee
resulted in an agreement on funding and an opportunity to develop
a program-delivery plan that will continue to serve learners.

The community steering committee and program providers will
administer funding and work with all funding partners to examine
literacy programming needs throughout the Halifax region. As
well, over the next year, literacy partners will examine how
these programs can continue to be delivered and sustained.

"It's all about priorities: 175 people were relying on literacy
programs -- programs just too important to lose," said Mr.
Harrison. "The success of these programs is based on the hard
work of volunteers and ambition of learners, and by working
together, we will find a way to secure literacy programs not just
for this year, but in future years."

Ms. Brown said the board is pleased to be a partner in ensuring
literacy programs are accessible. "The entire community benefits
from lifelong learning opportunities. We look forward to working
with all partners to examine what role we can play in continuing
to protect these programs."


Contact: Donna MacDonald
         Department of Education

trp                 July 30, 1997 - 1:50 p.m.