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Fewer school board members and fair honorariums will free-up more
than $250,000 for the classroom, Education and Culture Minister
Robbie Harrison announced today.  The new honorarium rates are
included in an independent report outlining uniform stipends for
school board members across the province.

"The new rates recognize the commitment and dedication of school
board members in our province," said Education and Culture
Minister Robbie Harrison. "In addition, fewer board members after
the fall elections means school boards will have an extra
$250,000 to spend in the classroom."

The report outlines maximum amounts to be received by elected
school board members. After the fall elections, school board
members will receive $7,200 per year, vice-chairs $9,000 per year
and board chairs $12,000 per year. Travel expenses will be
covered at the rate of 29.1 cents per kilometre and a maximum
meal allowance of $30 per day while conducting board business.

The report, conducted by Coopers and Lybrand Consulting, based
its recommendations on a survey of current board chairs,
interviews with current board members, an examination of
practices in other provinces and input from the Nova Scotia
School Boards Association (NSSBA).

NSSBA president Pat Smith said she is satisfied with the overall
recommendations of the report. "It is important to recognize the
value of these volunteers uniformly across the province."

Section 54(2) of the Education Act, requires the Department of
Education and Culture and the Nova Scotia School Boards
Association to commission an independent report recommending
reimbursement for school board members every three years.  Under
the act, the recommendations of the report are in effect until
the next report is completed.


Contact:  Catherine MacIsaac  
          Education and Culture

ngr                   August 7, 1997 - 10:30 am