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The Departments of Housing and Municipal Affairs, Transportation
and Public Works, and Community Services, along with the Disabled
Persons' Commission want to help pave the road to accessible
transportation services for all Nova Scotians.

A new joint initiative entitled, Community Based Transportation
Action Plan (CBTAP) was announced today by Guy Brown, Minister of
Housing and Municipal Affairs.  

The program will provide a total of $150,000 in funding over the
next two years. Its primary goal is to support the development of
community-based options for providing inclusive transportation

Beginning immediately, communities, organizations or groups who
wish to develop cross-sector coordination, and restructuring
plans for the provision of accessible transportation will be
eligible for assistance of up to $15,000 each. 

"Through innovative restructuring and partnerships, we can better
utilize the resources already in place to make local
transportation available to everyone," said Mr. Brown. "And no
one is in a better position to achieve this than our communities

Although transportation is primarily a municipal responsibility,
the provincial government is hoping to play a part in encouraging
the development of more inclusive services to meet a pressing
need. Existing funding from the Department of Housing and
Municipal Affairs will be used to finance this initiative.

The benefits of the program will be both social and economic. 
Nova Scotia has a higher percentage of disabled persons than any
other province in Canada. Transportation resources are key to
providing equal opportunity in the work force and facilitating
the participation of all residents in their communities. Money
used for studies and/or private partnerships will be spent in
Nova Scotia and may generate business and employment

Groups and organizations may submit applications for assistance
at any time during the two-year period, pending available


Contact:  Aileen Waller-Hebb
          Program Administrator
          Michelle Whelan
          Housing and Municipal Affairs

jlw                           Aug. 13, 1997       12:30 p.m.