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Agriculture and Marketing Minister Ed Lorraine held a successful
meeting yesterday with the board of directors of the Nova Scotia
Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission and is pleased to
announce the return of the board members who resigned in March,
effective immediately.

"I am very pleased to welcome back Mr. Peter van Oostrum as chair
of the Crop Insurance Commission, along with Jerome Forbes, Gail
Parker and Thane Fullerton," said Mr. Lorraine. "Any problems
that arose as a result of changes to the commission because of 
department restructuring have been resolved and all parties are

"We dealt with all the issues and the commission has been and
still is autonomous," said Mr. Lorraine. "The commission provides
a valuable service to farmers and the board members have worked
hard on behalf of farmers and I am glad to have them back."

Mr. Lorraine also announced the appointment of Wendel Purdy of
Collingwood, Cumberland County and Byron Mailman of Bridgewater
to the board. Dave Sangster, director Production Technology, will
remain as the department's representative.

After the meeting, Mr. van Oostrum said he was pleased to be back
on with the commission. "I want to thank Minister Lorraine for
his involvement in resolving this issue."

Jim Austin, president of the Nova Scotia Federation of
Agriculture also attended the meeting and was pleased with the

The commission will continue to be located on the campus of the
Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro and will continue to
operate as it has in the past.


Contact: Lynne M. Godlien
         Agriculture and Marketing

         Peter van Oostrum
         chair, Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission

ngr                  August 28, 1997 - 2:15 pm