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Transportation and Public Works Minister Don Downe today
announced the awarding of the contract for work on five sections
in Pictou County as part of the construction of the new four-lane
highway between Salt Springs and Alma.

At $11.4 million, Nova Construction is the low, and successful,
bidder in a tender for the grading, gravelling, asphalt concrete
paving, construction of structures and signing of sections,
including work in the area of Pleasant Valley Road, Cowan Street,
the Old Alma Road, and the Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia
Railway Realignment. 

This latest phase of construction will begin shortly and is the
next step in the development of this highway, scheduled to open
in the fall of 1998.

"This project is essential in our continued commitment to provide
Better Roads for Nova Scotia," said Mr. Downe. "When this highway
opens next year, we will have a top-notch divided, four-lane
highway from the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border, through to New
Glasgow, a vital corridor for business and leisure travel in Nova

The $54-million cost of the project is shared by the federal and
provincial governments under the Canada-Nova Scotia Strategic
Highway Improvement Program agreement and the Highway Improvement
Program agreement.


Contact: Chris Welner
         Transportation and Public Works, Halifax

         John Archibald
         Transportation and Public Works, Northern District

ngr                   September 3, 1997              11:40 am