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You don't have to travel to New York to get a great piece of
cheesecake -- the delicious dessert is joining the ranks of Cape
Breton's most appetizing commodities. Brad Miller of Whitney Pier
is the entrepreneur behind this tasty new venture.

Four years after returning to Whitney Pier from Ontario in 1988,
Mr. Miller began taking care of his mother at home. "I had to
take care of her and my own family. The best way to do this was
through a home-based business," he said.

Mr. Miller has a lot of experience making specialty desserts,
having worked in the food service industry for more than seven
years. Two years ago, while operating Brad's Specialty Desserts,
his eyes were opened to a bigger, promising business, resulting
in the establishment of Classic Cheesecakes, a cheesecake shop
operated out of his home. "It really has a lot of potential," he

He knew that for the business to reach its market potential, he
would need some financial capital to expand. Having been an
entrepreneur since returning to Cape Breton --he also ran his own
carpet-cleaning and upholstery business --Mr. Miller was familiar
with the programs of Nova Scotia Economic Development and Tourism
and tapped into the Community Business Loan Program's First Step

Mr. Miller said the loan enabled his business to grow. "The loan
really helped me in the expansion of my bakery," he said. "I was
able to buy more equipment, bigger equipment, which allowed me to
increase my production capacity."

Mr. Miller also said the loan process was a relatively quick and
easy procedure. "There wasn't a lot of red tape and Shawn Shea
(development officer with Economic Development and Tourism) was
very helpful and supportive."

The 18-month-old business continues to grow steadily with sales
throughout the Maritimes. Mr. Miller mainly supplies restaurants
with his specialty desserts, including Swedish Apple Pie and
Virtually Fat Free Cheesecake, a product unique to the food
service industry. But he plans to hit the retail market soon.
"It's really growing quick," he said. "I hope to be in the grocery
stores soon."

In addition to entering the retail market, Mr. Miller's products
are going national in the spring. A national wholesale company
will handle the marketing and Mr. Miller is currently in
negotiations with a food broker to manage distribution of his

He said he is proud to have a successful company, especially in
industrial Cape Breton. "It makes me feel really good, especially
having it work in such a short period of time."

Employment opportunities are also part of his business recipe. "I
really hope to create some employment in the area, especially
when we go national."

The Community Business Loan Program is an initiative of Nova
Scotia Economic Development and Tourism and is available to new
businesses in the form of startup assistance. The First Step Loan
is specifically targeted to new business startups and can be
applied to any valid business purpose, including working capital. 


Contact: Angela Campbell
         Economic Development and Tourism

ngr                  September 5, 1997                  3:55 pm