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The Granville Green Concert Series is singing success this year
with a 30 per cent increase in attendance.

A great lineup that included the Rankin Family, Lennie Gallant
and Bruce Guthro, to name a few, performed for record crowds at a
newly renovated site in Port Hawkesbury.

"The Granville Green Concert Series is a wonderful example of
government and the private sector working together to rejuvenate
Nova Scotia communities," said Manning Macdonald, Minister of
Economic Development and Tourism. "The residents and visitors
alike who converged on Granville Green every Sunday have brought
major economic benefits to local businesses."

Jim Pyke, director of parks, recreation and tourism for the
Municipality of Port Hawkesbury, said the success of this year's
series had a lot to do with the improvements to the venue site,
as well as the calibre of entertainment.

"Attendance has been steadily increasing for each concert," said
Mr. Pyke. "Renovations and improvements to the Green have
definitely lead to increased attendance. The site is now more
attractive and more comfortable."

Granville Green was created through a local waterfront
development commission and was taken over by the Town of Port
Hawkesbury about three years ago. The town and the province have
worked together to ensure future success for the concert series
by making the site more appealing to potential patrons.  

This year, renovations took place before the series began. Nova
Scotia Economic Development and Tourism contributed $8,050
through the Community Opportunities Fund to expand and improve
the facility. Additional funding for the $16,100 project came
from the Town of Port Hawkesbury, while private businesses
donated funds for entertainment.

The improvements included reshaping the venue for a terraced
effect, allowing for better visibility of the bandshell for all
patrons, extension of the Green to cover a larger area, and the
creation of more seating. The project created employment for four
people over eight weeks. 
Local businesses have enjoyed benefits from the success of the
concert series, said Mr. Pyke. "There have been obvious business
spinoffs for the service sector, like restaurants and hotels. It
(the concerts) draws a lot of people into the community."

The Community Opportunities Fund provides funding for projects
that create lasting benefits to the local economy and contribute
to the achievement of regional community economic development


Contact: Angela Campbell
         Economic Development and Tourism

ngr                 September 15, 1997                8:45 am