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PREMIER--Premier's Office Staff 
Staff appointments to the Premier's Office are now complete.

The total number of staff in Premier Russell MacLellan's office
is 11, the same as in the office of former premier John Savage.

Susan Trenholm, the Premier's chief of staff, is also deputy
minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. Ms. Trenholm's annual
salary is $84,500.

Other senior appointments in the Premier's Office include:
director of communications Peter MacLellan ($79,700); principal
assistant Sandy McNabb ($62,164); executive secretary and special
assistant Cathy Kalil ($56,009); media relations and caucus
liaison Kim Jardine ($46,300); senior administrator Dorothy
MacDonald ($40,164); and senior adviser Jeanne Wilson Clark

Other staff appointments are scheduling assistant Marie Cox
($27,776); administrative assistant/secretary Jo Anne C. Fisher
($25,928); administrative assistant/secretary Susan MacDonald
($26,824); and receptionist/secretary Julie Quigley ($22,526).

David Thompson is deputy minister for the Premier's Office, as
well as deputy minister for Priorities and Planning and deputy
minister for Communications Nova Scotia. Mr. Thompson's salary is

All but two members of the former premier's staff have moved on
to new career opportunities or have assumed new jobs in the
public service. One of these two former staffers is currently on
leave and the other is in discussion regarding a possible


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         Premier's Office

ngr                 September 26, 1997                 4:00 pm