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HOUSING/MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS--Property Registry Online Nov. 3
A new Personal Property Registry system will be online in Nova
Scotia this fall. Housing and Municipal Affairs Minister Guy Brown
said the government has proclaimed the new Personal Property
Security Act and regulations effective Nov. 3.

The Personal Property Registry is a centralized computer registry
that will serve all of Nova Scotia. It allows individuals and
institutions to record their financial interest in personal
property such as cars and boats.

The minister said the registry was developed in response to the
financial and legal communities that have for years expressed
frustration over the existing paper registry. That system offers no
automated search capability, and registration is done in each
county at a registry of deeds office. A consumer checking for
outstanding liens on a newly bought car, for example, would have to
conduct a manual search at 18 registry offices.

The computerized service will be available provincewide Nov. 3 and
delivered through Atlantic Canada On-Line, a service providing
electronic access to information maintained by the four provincial
governments in Atlantic Canada.


Contact: Greg Beaulieu
         Housing and Municipal Affairs

         Michelle Whelan
         Housing and Municipal Affairs

ngr                 September 26, 1997              4:20 pm