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AGRICULTURE/MARKETING--Career Fair at Agricultural College
Bankers, engineers, landscapers and researchers are only a few of
the professionals who will be taking part in the seventh Biannual
Nova Scotia Agriculture College Career Fair.

The fair, which takes place Oct. 1 at the Langille Athletic
Centre on the college's Bible Hill campus, is the largest career
fair hosted by a post-secondary institution in the Atlantic

The one-day event provides an opportunity for agricultural
college students to talk to representatives from more than 50
companies, government departments, farm organizations and other
agencies involved in the Atlantic agri-food industry. Career
planning information and guidance sessions on such things as
entrepreneurship and further study options will also be offered. 

The fair is also part of the province's kickoff for Agriculture
Awareness Month, a campaign to raise awareness of agriculture and
the agri-food industry in Atlantic Canada. 

"The career fair will help to broaden students' definition of
agriculture and the kinds of careers associated with it,"
explained Brian Crouse, assistant dean, career services and
awards. "It's important for students to have this chance to talk
with people in different areas of employment and to learn what
they can expect when they graduate. The career fair provides a
window to the real world."

High school students are also encouraged to attend the fair as it
provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the innovative
programs of study offered by the college. The Nova Scotia
Agricultural College is one of the most modern, best-equipped
colleges in Atlantic Canada. Ninety per cent of its students are
either employed or pursuing further studies within six months of

Career Fair 1997 is open from noon to 5 p.m. The public is
invited to attend.


Contact: Brian Crouse 
         Nova Scotia Agricultural College

NGR                 September 29, 1997               4:35 pm