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NATURAL RESOURCES--New Direction for Forestry in Nova Scotia
A position paper outlining a new direction for forestry in Nova
Scotia has been released by Natural Resources Minister Ken
MacAskill. It provides a framework to achieve sustainable

At a news conference today at the provincial forest nursery in
Strathlorne, Mr. MacAskill explained why a new direction is

"First, it will ensure that harvesting on all woodlands does not
exceed the capacity to grow timber," the minister said. "Second,
it will help to maintain jobs and incomes for thousands of people
who rely on forestry for their livelihood, and third, it will
help protect the forest environment and wildlife habitat."

The new approach places a greater responsibility for maintaining
the forest resource on industry, which generates the demand for
wood. A buyer registry will be established requiring annual
registration of wood processors and exporters. Buyers of more
than 450 cords per year will have to submit a wood acquisition
plan outlining how their supply will be sustainable. This links
demand directly to silviculture needs so that harvesting does not
exceed the capacity to grow timber. Buyers will have to ensure
adequate arrangements are in place for the required silviculture
on lands from which they obtain wood supplies.

The second component of the new approach is improved forest
management practices. Regulations based on current
Forest/Wildlife Guidelines and Standards will be developed for
use on Crown and private woodlands. There will be a forest
practices code for Crown lands and a new requirement for
registration of all industrial harvesting operations to allow
monitoring by the Department of Natural Resources. These measures
are designed to protect the forest environment, maintain wildlife
habitat and avoid poor practices such as harvesting immature

The third component is improvements in collecting and reporting
forest industry data. To maintain registered status, buyers will
have to promptly report volumes of wood purchased. A consolidated
report on volumes harvested will be published annually by the
Department of Natural Resources, which will also publish a "state
of the forest" report during the current fiscal year and every
three to five years thereafter.

The position paper also proposes that a provincial forum and
local advisory committees be established in recognition of the
need for dialogue and input on forestry issues.
"This paper is a blueprint for decisive action and leadership
toward sustainable forestry in Nova Scotia," said Mr. MacAskill.
"It is important to proceed without delay. We must do what is
necessary to sustain our woodlands and the many jobs and other 
benefits that they provide for the people of Nova Scotia."

Copies of the position paper will be available at Department of
Natural Resources offices across the province next week and
written comments are invited.


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