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PREMIER'S OFFICE--Renovations for Halifax International Airport
Today's announcement by Transport Canada of a $7.9-million
renovation is a step in the right direction to bring Halifax
International Airport back on par with other Canadian airports,
said Premier Russell MacLellan.

"This airport still needs millions of dollars to raise it to the
level of other similar facilities. Airlines and air travellers
demand a level of service that must be met or we risk losing
their business," he said. "This airport is an economic champion
for the province, generating a billion dollars a year and serving
millions of travellers.

"This announcement is a solid indication of the results which can
be achieved by close consultation between the federal and
provincial governments," Premier MacLellan added. "I look forward
to working with the federal government to build on this
initiative to make this airport the world-class facility that it
needs and deserves to be." 

"Today's announced renovation is an important contribution to
this vital facility," said Don Downe, Minister of Transportation
and Public Works. "These renovations will expand ticket counter
space, improve the baggage-handling area and provide barrier-free
access from the parking lots to the new ticket area."  

"In combination with the $9.5 million for improvements to the
terminal announced earlier this year by Air Canada and Air Nova,
I am confident that these investments will do much to improve the
services offered at the airport," Mr. Downe said.

Mr. Downe said he is hopeful the renovation, which will begin in
mid-October, will create close to 147 jobs during construction.

Transport Canada is negotiating with the local Halifax
International Airport Authority for the transfer of the airport's

Local airport authorities assumed ownership and control of
operations of facilities in Sydney and Yarmouth last week after a
transfer agreement with Transport Canada.


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