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COMMUNITY SERVICES--Foster Family Week Honours Commitment
During Foster Family Week, Oct. 19-25, foster families across
Nova Scotia will be recognized and honoured for the commitment
and support they provide to children, their families, and their

Foster parents give children a new start in life. Special events
such as banquets, recognition nights and receptions will be held
throughout the province this week to celebrate their efforts. 

"Opening your homes and hearts to children of different
backgrounds, abilities and needs is not always easy," said
Francene Cosman, Minister of Community Services. "It takes love
and understanding to strengthen the lives of foster children.
Foster families are special because they provide support that
makes a difference."

There were more than 1,750 children in foster care and
approximately 680 approved foster homes in the province last

"Hundreds of dedicated Nova Scotia foster families enhance the
lives of foster children," said Susan Drysdale, manager of
adoption and foster care at the Department of Community Services.
"But there is always a need for more foster parents."

Foster parents take a six- to eight-week orientation program
before receiving a placement. Additional training is provided for
foster parents caring for children who have been previously

Foster parents receive monthly financial assistance from the
Department of Community Services to help cover the cost of board,
clothing and other expenses. If a child has a special need, a
family may be eligible for additional funding.

A 24-hour toll-free number, 1-800-565-1884, to the Federation of
Foster Family Associations in Nova Scotia provides additional
information about foster parenting.


Contact: Tom Peck
         Community Services

ngr                 October 17, 1997               12:50 pm