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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/TOURISM--Renovations Add to Cape d'Or Beauty
Tourism is on the rise in Cumberland County. The number of
visitors over the past two years has increased 18 per cent, and
the area is taking steps to guarantee continued growth.

Renovations have been made to a major destination spot on Nova
Scotia's Fundy Shore. The site of the Lightkeeper's Kitchen and
Guest House in Cape d'Or underwent several enhancements to better
serve the increasing number of visitors and encourage longer

The Advocate District Development Association oversaw
improvements that included the drilling of a well, a parking
area, new windows and door steps, and new bathrooms and flooring
in the guest house. Sleeping quarters and a bathroom on the lower
level to accommodate the establishment's operators were added to
the building housing the restaurant.

Nova Scotia Economic Development and Tourism contributed $21,250
to the project through the Community Opportunities Fund.

"This project will contribute to the already growing tourism
industry in the area," said Manning MacDonald, Minister of
Economic Development and Tourism. "It is a great example of a
community recognizing and building on its strengths." 

Melba MacGillivary, chair of the Advocate District Development
Association, said the project has benefited the surrounding area.
"All of the work at the site was contracted out to local
businesses, creating employment for those companies," she said.
"There were an awful lot of people around this summer, so I
imagine nearby communities saw some spinoff activity."

The Lightkeeper's Kitchen and Guest House operates from June 1 to
mid-October. Additional funding for the project came from Human
Resources Development Canada and the Cumberland Regional Economic
Development Association.


Contact: Angela Campbell
         Economic Development and Tourism

ngr                   Nov. 5, 1997                3:55 p.m.