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TRANSPORTATION/PUBLIC WORKS--Transponders at Toll Plaza Only
Drivers wanting to take advantage of 50 per cent toll discounts
on the Cobequid Pass next month can obtain their E-Pass, or
transponder, only at the toll plaza.

"There seems to be some confusion around where drivers can buy
transponders," said Susan MacLeod of the Highway 104 Western
Alignment Corp. "The transponder itself, or the E-Pass, is
available only at the toll plaza, which is on the highway.

"The application form which allows consumers to establish an
E-Pass account, this is what will be available at Registry of
Motor Vehicles. RMV will not be selling the transponders; it's
simply making the application forms available to interested

Car drivers can acquire a transponder for a one-time cost of $15,
and a $30 deposit that will pay for 20 trips on the Cobequid
Pass. An E-Pass for commercial truckers costs $40, with a deposit
of $54 to open an account. Mounting kits are $1.

The E-Pass system charges car drivers $1.50 per trip. Trucks with
an E-Pass pay $1.50 per axle to a maximum of six axles. 

The Cobequid Pass will open for traffic Saturday, Nov. 15.
Drivers will not be charged a toll until Dec. 1.

Starting Monday, Nov. 17, applications forms for E-Pass accounts
are available at all Registry of Motor Vehicle offices, at Access
Nova Scotia centres in Halifax, Dartmouth and Kentville, and at
the highway toll plaza. 


Contact: Susan MacLeod
         Highway 104 Western Alignment Corp. 

ngr                Nov. 10, 1997                3:55 p.m.