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TRANSPORTATION/PUBLIC WORKS--Cobequid: A Construction Achievement
Before opening, Cobequid Pass had to pass a number of inspections
by the Department of Transportation and Public Works and the
final inspection by Martin Scott, an independent engineer with
McCormick Rankin.

Without Mr. Scott's sign-off, the highway could not be considered
ready, nor would the contractor receive final payment.

"What matters to me is the quality of this construction job,"
said Mr. Scott. "I wasn't prepared to sign off on this road until
everything met specifications. And things look good to me." 

Cobequid Pass, which opens at noon Saturday, Nov. 15, was built
to the same specifications as all 100-series highways in Nova
Scotia. In some instances, more was delivered. The pavement
structure, for example, exceeds the required thickness.

Among the features of this highway:

-five full interchanges with grade separations

-six major bridges

-22.6-metre-wide median

-five large tunnels under the road for access to land parcels,
snowmobile trails and wildlife passages; the wildlife tunnel has
a skylight

-seven stream crossings with large concrete box culverts to allow
fish to follow their natural flow

-21 major structures

The contractor has guaranteed the highway for three years, during
which time it will pay for any deficiencies.


Contact: Susan MacLeod
         Highway 104 Western Alignment Corp.

         Chris Welner
         Transportation and Public Works

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