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NATURAL RESOURCES--N.S. Endorses Proposal to Cut Gas Emissions
Nova Scotia is among nine provinces that have endorsed a federal
government proposal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 1990
levels by the year 2010.

Natural Resources Minister Ken MacAskill, just back from a joint
meeting of federal and provincial environment and energy
ministers in Regina, said the discussion on climate change was
productive and resulted in a position that Nova Scotia supports.

"Continuing to reduce emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2010
is certainly a challenge," said Mr. MacAskill. "But it is a
challenge that must be met and Nova Scotia is doing its part to
achieve that objective."

Currently, emissions in Nova Scotia are slightly below the 1990
level of 18.8 million tonnes.

The proposal on reducing emissions endorsed in Regina this week
will be used to help define Canada's position at international
negotiations on climate change next month in Kyoto, Japan.

Mr. MacAskill said the Kyoto meeting is a key step in a long
process to achieve formal acceptance of emission-reduction
targets around the world.

"The province is committed to working with the federal
government, the private sector and individuals to develop
measures to help meet this important challenge," said Mr.

Nova Scotia is making good progress in reducing greenhouse gas
emissions. So far, 26 companies and institutions in the province
have joined the Voluntary Challenge and Registry Program, a
national private-sector initiative that commits participants to
voluntarily reduce emissions at their own establishments.

Also, a total of 15 provincial government initiatives have been
identified in the province's response to the Voluntary Challenge
and Registry Program.


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