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TRANSPORTATION/PUBLIC WORKS--Truckers, Department Co-operate
The Truckers Association of Nova Scotia and the Department of
Transportation and Public Works have pledged to work co-operately
to resolve outstanding issues.

"I'm encouraged that TANS has changed the membership of its
negotiating committee to develop a more co-operative approach,"
said Don Downe, Minister of Transportation and Public Works.
"TANS leaders from across Nova Scotia have acknowledge the
benefits of working together to find answers to our concerns."

Twenty-two county presidents and representatives of the TANS met
with Mr. Downe on Tuesday in Halifax.

"The relationship between TANS and TPW had hit a roadblock and
seeing the minister at the table gives us confidence our concerns
will be heard," said association spokesman Dave Roberts.

"We've made significant progress with Don Downe and we want to
build on what we've already achieved."


Contact: Chris Welner
         Transportation and Public Works

         Dave Roberts
         Truckers Association of Nova Scotia

ngr               Nov. 18, 1997               3:40 p.m.