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EDUCATION/CULTURE--Six Halifax Schools Sign Council Agreements
Advisory councils are officially up and running today in six
schools of the Halifax Regional School Board.

Education and Culture Minister Robbie Harrison, acting board
chair Madeleine Dillon and superintendent Don Trider joined
members of the school councils to sign the agreements at Halifax
West High School.

Mr. Harrison said advisory councils strengthen the school's
relationship with the community and help all partners to work
together in the best interests of children and their education.

"Each of our schools is unique with many different challenges and
opportunities, but they all share common goals: the improvement
of education and successful schools," said the minister. "We
applaud the successes of each and every council."

Dr. Trider said school advisory councils play a key role in the
education system. "The Halifax Regional School Board supports
advisory councils because they recognize the important role all
education partners play in our schools. They also allow the board
to gain appreciation of the unique role each school plays in its

The six schools that signed agreements today were: A.J. Smeltzer
Junior High, C.P. Allen High School, Duncan MacMillan High
School, Halifax West High School, Ross Road School and Sir John
A. Macdonald High School.

Students, parents, teachers, support staff, principals and other
members of the community serve on school councils.
Responsibilities include developing school improvement plans and
profiles, advising on school discipline, developing short-and
long-term school goals, creating programs to promote academic
achievement and extra-curricular activities, and communicating
with education partners.

School councils are in progress or in place in more than half of
the province's schools. The goal is to have councils in place in
all schools by the next school year.


Contact: Doug Hadley
         Department of Education and Culture

         Don Trider
         Halifax Regional School Board

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