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COMMUNITY SERVICES-Special Cheque Delivery Day Reminder 
Nova Scotians who normally pick up their monthly social
assistance cheques from unionized post offices are reminded they
must do so on Wednesday, Nov. 26. 

Clients who do not pick up their cheques --when they would
normally do so at a unionized post office --may have to wait
until the end of the postal strike, or the next special delivery
day to obtain their cheques. The next special delivery day after
Nov. 26 is Dec. 12.

Although non-unionized post offices will remain open throughout
the strike, unionized post offices will be open only during
normal office hours on designated days.

Canada Post Corp. and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers have
made arrangements to process government benefit cheques during
the postal strike. Nova Scotians will receive the month-end
social assistance cheques Nov. 26 through their normal method of
delivery, such as letter carrier, postal box, general delivery or
through their rural route.

Community Services staff are today trying to contact those
clients who pick up cheques at unionized post offices to ensure
they are aware of the importance of getting to those post offices
on Wednesday.

The special delivery arrangements with Canada Post cover the
month-end family benefits and income assistance cheques, as well
as cheques for seniors who receive rebates for property taxes,
rental assistance, and special social assistance. Clients in some
programs will also receive their regular Pharmacare cards and
income statements in the envelopes.

Clients who receive cheques at times other than month-end must
make arrangements through their local Community Services office
to pick up the cheques.

For general information on the postal delivery arrangements,
please call 1-800-296-9037, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30


Contact: Cathy Shaw
         Community Services

ngr                 Nov. 25, 1997                  12:25 p.m.