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EDUCATION/CULTURE--$2.1m to Market N.S. Universities and Colleges
An international marketing plan for Nova Scotia universities and
community colleges is receiving a $2.1-million boost from the
federal and provincial governments, Senator Al Graham and Premier
Russell MacLellan announced today.

The goals are to attract more international students to Nova
Scotia and to generate more than $50 million through exports of
post-secondary research, training and services.

Senator Graham, Leader of the Government in the Senate, on behalf
of Fred Mifflin, Secretary of State for the Atlantic Canada
Opportunities Agency, said this three-year agreement has
long-term benefits for Canada and Nova Scotia.

Industry Canada and International Trade are also partners in the
agreement, signalling broad support for the international
marketing efforts of the province, universities and community

"The short-term goal of this plan is to create at least 270 jobs
in Nova Scotia," Senator Graham said. But he said with this
international marketing plan, Nova Scotia universities and
community colleges are positioning themselves for the future.

"An increased demand for Canadian education due to a rapidly
expanding Asian market is expected to create 25,000 jobs," said
Senator Graham. "With this collaborative and strategic approach,
Nova Scotia is laying a solid foundation to capture more than its
fair share in this growth industry."

Premier MacLellan said the plan puts Nova Scotia firmly on the
map, as more countries make multi-million-dollar investments in
education, research and training contracts.

"Here at home, we know we can compete and win these contracts
because of the quality of our education system. We just need to
show the world all that Nova Scotia has to offer."

Because university and community college campuses are spread
across the province, the premier said success of the plan
supports community economic development.

"Whether it's an international contract for the Burridge campus
in Yarmouth or for the University College of Cape Breton, jobs
are created for Nova Scotians," he said.

The plan involves:

- collaborative international student recruitment and trade
- an incentives fund to encourage partnerships among institutions
and with the private sector to commercialize existing services,
technology and training expertise for export
- a "learning leisure" (learning vacations) program linking
government, education and tourism opportunities
- a resource directory -- print and Internet -- cataloguing Nova
Scotia's academic, training and research expertise and
promotional materials

The funding hinges on an agreement by Nova Scotia universities
and community colleges to work together and with government to
aggressively promote the province's post-secondary education

Nova Scotia is one of only three provinces where such a
partnership exists. Today's signing of an official memorandum of
understanding is between the federal and provincial governments,
the Council of Nova Scotia University Presidents, the Nova Scotia
Community College and CollŠge de l'Acadie.

"Each university and community college has individual strengths,"
said Colin Starnes, president of the Council of Nova Scotia
University Presidents. "By working together, Nova Scotia
institutions pack a powerful punch. When you're competing against
the world, Nova Scotia is small in geography, but by combining
our strengths, we can make a big impression."

Jack Buckley, president of the Nova Scotia Community College,
said students remain the first priority.

"Through international exchanges with faculty and students and
sharing programs and services, we add to the richness of our
campuses and raise revenues that can be used to add new programs
or build quality in existing ones."

The cost of the plan is shared by the Atlantic Canada
Opportunities Agency and Economic Development and Tourism through
the Canada/Nova Scotia COOPERATION Agreement on Economic


Contacts: Julia Watt
          Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

          Catherine MacIsaac
          Education and Culture
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