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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/TOURISM--While in Toronto, Visit Nova Scotia
Take a leisurely tour of Nova Scotia's stunning scenery and rich
cultural and artistic heritage -- without leaving Toronto. 
At this year's One of a Kind Craft Show, visitors can see the
finest artisans, musicians and artists from across the province,
shop for the unique Christmas gifts they've created --and plan a
trip to Nova Scotia at the same time.

As the first-ever feature province at Canada's biggest craft show
and sale, Nova Scotia has brought together its most talented
creative people, tourism specialists and Internet technology. You
can talk to them all inside a big, bright multimedia pavilion at
the centre of Toronto's National Trade Centre.

"This show is just amazingly successful --people are telling me
they want to come visit this summer to see my work," said Holly
Carr, who produces hand-painted silk wall hangings and wearables
at her studio in Canning. Her bright-coloured works range from
stunning floral scenes reminiscent of Georgia O'Keefe to witty
works of social satire (visitors love her bingo players).

If you want to pay a visit to Ms. Carr's studio -- or to the
workshops, studios and galleries of most of the 26 Nova Scotia
artisans featured in Toronto this year -- you can visit the Nova
Scotia pavilion and get your own Nova Scotia Studio Rally map,
which will guide you through a series of driving tours featuring
the work of nearly 100 artists in every region of Nova Scotia.

To get a taste of Nova Scotia's diverse and exciting regions,
visit a few of the artisans who have booths at the One of a Kind

Trudy Gilbertson, from the Annapolis Valley, carves caribou, deer
and moose antlers into finely detailed sculptures of dancing
figures, jumping whales and leaping  animals. "They're all
antlers that have been shed," she said. 
Also from the Valley is Catfish Moon, the husband-and-wife team
of Philip Woods and Angela Chartier, who make brightly glazed
bowls, plates and vases featuring stylized cats, cows, sheep and
other animals. You can see their supper place-setting at the One
of a Kind Kitchen.

 From East Bay, in scenic Cape Breton, is Katherine Scott of East
Meets East Design. "Everything I work with comes from the beaches
around me," said Ms. Scott, who creates her own mulberry paper,
which she dyes, then prints with seashell slices to create
elegant stationery sets.

From Enfield comes Flint Blue Neckties, high-quality colourful
neckties that are reversible --with, for instance, floral
patterns on one side and animals on the other, or American and
Canadian flags. Also from the Halifax area is The Celestial Orb,
makers of mind-bending three-dimensional puzzles.

From Antigonish comes Touchstone Pottery, delicately cast
porcelain pendants, boxes and ornaments with mystical patterns
painted in intricate detail.

Also at the pavilion are computer terminals that will connect you
with Nova Scotia websites, racks of tourism literature and staff
who can help you plan a visit!

"This is a great opportunity," said Terri Hawkins of Mississauga,
who spent Thursday evening at the show. "I got most of my
Christmas shopping done, and my husband and I planned our
vacation in Nova Scotia for next year!"

The One of a Kind Craft Show is at Toronto's new National Trade
Centre on the Canadian National Exhibition grounds until Sunday,
Dec. 7. Admission is $8.80 and free day care is available for
children aged two to eight.



In Halifax:  Mary Jane Fumerton
             Economic Development and Tourism 

In Toronto:  Maureen Juniper
             One of a Kind Show

             Lynn Buckley
             Nova Scotia exhibit
             cell: 902-456-2108
             hotel: 416-203-3333

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