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FINANCE--Extra Spending on Health Balanced by Revenues, Savings
Finance Minister Bill Gillis today announced Nova Scotia remains
on track for a balanced budget in 1997-98.

The recent commitment of extra funds for Health and several other
departments has been offset by savings in other departments,
reduced debt-servicing charges and increased revenues.

"Continued good financial management across government is
allowing us to redirect savings into key areas such as health
care," said Dr. Gillis. "These commitments are being made at a
level we can afford, and that means we are able to maintain a
balanced budget for 1997-98."

Although the budget remains in the black, with a surplus of $1.6
million now forecast, the government faces significant challenges
in the months ahead.

"We will be watching our revenue numbers closely in the coming
months as we develop new policies in areas such as relief for the
cost of home heating," said the minister. "We are also mindful of
the negotiations that are going on with many public sectors

"Nevertheless, the intention is to proceed at a pace we can

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