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HOUSING/MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS--Ottawa, Province Sign Housing Contract 
An agreement to transfer the administration of social housing
resources from the Government of Canada to Nova Scotia has been
signed by Alfonso Gagliano, Minister responsible for Canada
Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and Guy Brown, Minister of
Housing and Municipal Affairs.

"This initiative will improve service delivery and maximize the
impact of taxpayers' dollars in managing social housing while
protecting existing contractual agreements," said Mr. Gagliano. 
"This arrangement will allow the provincial government the
flexibility to meet the needs of its residents while adhering to
national principles and an accountability framework."

"We are looking forward to our expanded role in supporting social
housing in Nova Scotia," said Mr. Brown.

"This agreement does not alter individual project operating
agreements. The roles and responsibilities of non-profit and 
co-op sponsors for the ownership, operation and management of
their projects will not change." 

This agreement between the Government of Canada and Nova Scotia
is part of an overall focus by the federal government on working
co-operatively with the provinces and territories.  

There are some 22,200 federally assisted social housing units in
Nova Scotia. The Government of Canada currently contributes $57
million a year to support these units. The provincial government,
in partnership with municipalities, contributes $15 million

Agreements to transfer the administration of federally funded
social housing have already been signed with Saskatchewan, New
Brunswick, Newfoundland and the Northwest Territories. 
Negotiations to finalize agreements are continuing with the other
provinces and territory.


Contact: Claude Poirier-Defoy  
         Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
         Line Chabot
         Office of Minister Gagliano

         Cathy O'Connell
         Housing and Municipal Affairs

NOTE TO EDITORS: Details of the agreement are available by
calling  Communications Nova Scotia collect at 902-424-4492 or by

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