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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/TOURISM--Stone Church Uplifting Experience
The Stone Church in Clark's Harbour is a cultural landmark and a
focal point for residents and visitors alike. Improvements to the
unique structure will soon elevate its status further, making it
more accessible to everyone.

Signs promoting the church as a tourist attraction will be placed
on highways 103 and 3 to attract more visitors to the town. As
well, an elevator from the basement of the church to the main
floor will be installed, allowing better access for seniors and
disabled people. An additional guide will be hired in the summer
to help with tours of the church following the renovations.

The $50,830 project is funded by Economic Development and Tourism
($25,415 through the Community Opportunities Fund), the United
Baptist Church ($19,061) and the Town of Clark's Harbour

"Easier access and signage means more people will get a better
look at this wonderful church," said Manning MacDonald, Minister
of Economic Development and Tourism. "This work will improve the
church for residents and help to improve the local economy, with
more visitors staying longer in the area."

Mayor Leigh Stoddart of Clark's Harbour said the church means a
lot to the community because of its rare construction, its
history and its potential for tourism.

"We're promoting it as part of our tourism package. It will be
shown at ferry terminals in Portland and Bar Harbor, Maine." He
said renovations should be completed by February.

Frank Anderson, CEO of the South West Shore Development
Authority, said the work will greatly contribute to the
marketability of the region as a whole.

"We know more and more tourists want to visit our pristine
churches, and churches play an important role in the fabric of
our communities. We're excited at the prospects of marketing all
of the attributes of Shelburne County."

The Stone Church was built between 1921 and 1931 on locally
quarried granite. The walls were made from stones gathered from
the shore at Clark's Harbour and from local islands and ferried
to the building site in dories.

The interior is designed in the shape of a Chesapeake Bay ship's
hull and features stained-glass windows. An important reminder of
the town's fishing-based culture and heritage, the Stone Church
is now an important part of its future as a visitor attraction.


Contact: Steve Fairbairn
         Economic Development and Tourism

         Leigh Stoddart
         Mayor of Clark's Harbour

ngr                 Dec. 18, 1997                 11:30 a.m.