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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/TOURISM--Diving Into Deeper Business Waters
A Dartmouth-based company has just sharpened its competitive edge
by attaining world-recognized quality certification. Dominion
Diving Ltd. is the first Canadian company in its field to receive
ISO 9002 designation.

The company has been serving the marine, scientific and offshore
oil and gas industries for the past 28 years, employing from 50
to more than 100 people. Its services include offshore oilfield
support, in-water surveys and underwater construction activities.
Dominion Diving is also one of the largest diving and remotely
operated vehicle (ROV) contractors in Canada. 

The company has been working on achieving the ISO 9002
certification for the past three years. This certification is a
world-recognized standard that identifies methods whereby
products' quality conformance is monitored and assured, which
enhances reliability, suitability and overall safety.

"This designation will open doors for us in further global
markets," said James Ritcy, CEO of Dominion Diving. "We have
already had success in the States, the United Kingdom and Russia.
Now, when European countries put out contracts with this
designation, we can export our services across the pond because
we now comply with ISO standards." 

In order to achieve ISO 9002 certification, the company had to
restructure its day-to-day operations to conform to ISO quality
standards.  Internal office procedures, health and safety
standards and environmental considerations are just some of the
factors that had to be assessed and revamped.

"Achieving this designation took a great deal on the part of the
company and was made possible with the help of the tax credit
available in this province," said Mr. Ritcy. "Not only did it
defray the cost of implementation of the program, but the credit
gave us moral support in knowing our government was behind us."

The province has established a non-refundable corporate income
tax credit to help Nova Scotia companies seeking certification
within the ISO 9000 family. The credit is equivalent to 25 per
cent of eligible expenditures, including audits, training and
documentation, which can be claimed against Nova Scotia income
taxes payable.  

"Nova Scotia companies are doing business all over the world
right now, and the ISO tax credit is helping them do this," said
Manning MacDonald, Minister of Economic Development and Tourism.
"The certification gives Nova Scotia companies an advantage over
competitors who aren't ISO-registered, making them globally
competitive. It makes good business sense for all involved -- the
company, its customers and the province." 

With ISO 9002 certification in place, Dominion Diving will
continue to satisfy all major oil and gas projects, including
activities in Atlantic Canada. 


Contact: Troy Ritcy
         Director of Marketing 
         Dominion Diving Ltd.
         Fax: 902-463-7966

         Angela Campbell
         Economic Development and Tourism

ngr                  Dec. 19, 1997                2:45 p.m.