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Municipal Affairs
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Joint Municipal Accountability and Transparency Committee Report

In December 2016, the Joint Municipal Accountability and Transparency Committee was appointed to examine municipal expense policies and practices. The final report of the Joint Municipal Accountability and Transparency Committee Report is located here:

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Municipal Government Act Review

The Municipal Government Act came into effect on April 1st, 1999. The Department of Municipal Affairs, along with the Association of Municipal Administrators of Nova Scotia and the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities, are moving forward with a comprehensive review of the act. 

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Municipal Finance and Statistics

Want to know more about municipal finance? Get the latest financial data and performance measurements for Nova Scotia's municipalities.

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Municipal Planning

Find information on how provincial and municipal governments partner to plan a sustainable future for our communities.

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Get information on provincial and federal grants and transfers for community improvements from accessibility to wastewater.

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Office of the Fire Marshal

The OFM is dedicated to reducing and eliminating human suffering and property loss caused by fire. Our goal is to continuously improve fire protection through education, enforcement, and engineering.

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Emergency Management Office

EMO helps ensure the safety and security of Nova Scotians, their property and the environment by providing for a prompt and coordinated response to an emergency.

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Financial Condition Index

To learn more about municipal finance, view the new Financial Condition Index (FCI). 

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Regional Enterprise Networks

Regional Enterprise Networks now partner with Municipal Affairs.

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Interactive Map

Use this interactive map to find out the history of local government and the municipal data in Nova Scotia.


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Legislation to Help Modernize and Grow Tourism Sector
Nova Scotia is modernizing its tourist accommodations legislation and taking steps to support tourism growth across the province.  2019-03-07 13:17 (full text)
Amendments to the Emergency 911 Act
Changes to the Emergency 911 Act, introduced today, March 5, will help make more services available to Nova Scotians during emergencies and severe weather events. This may include providing comfort centres with satellite phones or helping provide enhanced cell phone charging services for citizens during prolonged weather events or emergencies.  2019-03-05 13:20 (full text)
Modernizing Municipal Government Act and HRM Charter to Benefit Nova Scotians
Amendments to the Municipal Government Act and the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) Charter introduced today, March 5, will mean municipalities will no longer require a legislative change to approve spending for a new purpose.  2019-03-05 13:13 (full text)