Summary of Ministerial Expenses

Ministerial Summaries of Expenses are posted on this site by fiscal year, one month in arrears, on the last working day of each month (e.g. Summaries for July will be posted on August 31).

There may be more than one link under a Minister’s name.  Separate Summaries are posted for each Department/Office that a Minister is responsible for.    

Contact: Executive Council Office


April 1, 2015 - March 31, 2016 (Archive)

Honourable Stephen McNeil

Honourable Diana C. Whalen

Honourable Keith Colwell

Honourable Michel P. Samson

Honourable Leo A. Glavine

Honourable Karen Lynn Casey

Honourable Kelly Regan

Honourable Andrew Younger

Honourable Geoff MacLellan

Honourable Zach Churchill

Honourable Randy Delorey

Honourable Tony Ince

Honourable Joanne Bernard

Honourable Lena Metlege Diab

Honourable Labi Kousoulis

Honourable Mark Furey

Honourable Lloyd Hines

Honourable Margaret Miller